Welcome Friends / Benvenuti Amici,

It is my great honor to serve the Federation of Italian-American Societies of WNY as President. Our Federation, currently in its 109th year, is the umbrella organization for Italian Societies and organizations throughout Western New York.

Our purpose is to promote understanding and appreciation of the Italian culture and the contributions and achievements of Italian-American members of our community, and to actively engage, support and promote the civic, educational and cultural goals of our community.

Our rich history includes:

  • The donation of many landmark statues to Buffalo celebrating great Italians
  • The creation of a documentary “La Terra Promessa”, book and musical detailing the history of the Italian community of Buffalo.
  • The creation of the musical Italian Serenade beautifully retelling the Buffalo Italian immigrant story of our earliest arrivals.
  • The creation of the keepsake book, “La Terra Promessa” honoring many Italian-American families of Buffalo retelling each of their own personal stories to pass down to our future generations.
  • Honoring yearly the achievements of Italians through the Columbus Parade and Gala.
  • Promoting the events of our member organizations.
  • Promoting the study of the Italian language and defending Italian-Americans, Italian culture, values, and traditions when attacked.

Over the past few years we have seen tremendous growth with the addition of new organizations to our Federation along with many new At-Large members.

It is my hope that this Federation will continue to grow and be a major presence and voice for the Italian community of Western New York for at least another 109 years!

Grazie e “ Viva l’Italia!”
Peter LoJacono

"La Terra Promessa"
The Promised Land
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Below is a message from our President in regards to the article posted Sunday March 19th in the Buffalo News.

The insensitivity of the Buffalo News has reached an all new low for the Italian-American community. On the morning of St Joseph's Day - March 19th - a day revered by Italians, Italian-Americans and particularly Sicilian-Americans in which we honor his intercession, relieving a devastating drought in Sicily (from several centuries ago) and the rich cultural tradition of St Joseph Tables all throughout WNY, we are slapped in the face with a huge headline and front page article... about the Buffalo Mafia and ZERO mention of our real cultural traditions on this holiday whatsoever. It is not ok to let this go unnoticed. It is hard for me to believe that the timing of the publication of this article was accidental. This is a direct insult to our community and we will not take it lightly. I encourage fellow Italian-Americans and ALL to let the editorial board of the News know that this is unacceptable for ANY ethnicity. We are a diverse city and all of our cultures deserve respect and sensitivity to proper news coverage of our cultural events. Stay tuned.....

Click on our News tab for a link to sign the petition:

Buffalo News needs to stop ignoring to meet over insensitive coverage of Italian Americans







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